We are unique

The only factory in the Middle East that is unique
Manufactures a production line, cooking and packaging halva, according to Egyptian specifications

Design and manufacture of all kinds
Mixers of liquids and powders – weights – transmission belts of various types and sizes

Designing and implementing complete production lines and combining more than one machine with one machine

Our products and 100% Egyptian design with international and local production ingredients and raw materials

All sizes of stainless steel tanks for chemicals

Design and implementation of all types of belts / stainless steel operation / aluminum operation

Previous Business

Tahini and halva

El Rashidy El Mizan – October 6
Halawani Brothers – 10th of Ramadan
Al Bawadi Pastry Company – Burj Al Arab
El Rashidy El Mizan Development – Sayeda Zeinab
Saudi Al Reda Factories
Al Shehibi Al Halawani – Cairo
Gohar Brothers – Tenth of Ramadan
Al Raei Tahini Halva – Minya
Ali Mashal for halva – Cairo
Al Hilal Halawa Company – Palestine
El Hamlawy for Tahini Halva – Banha
El Rashidy El Mizan Development – Sayeda Zeinab
Awara children for halva – Tanta
Al-Sanhawi for halva – Banha
Al Habab for sweets
Al-Fandi Sons Share Sweetness – Libya
Arafa Al-Serjani for halva – Cairo
Monastery Mary Mina (Al-Ajaybi) – Alexandria

Cosmetics sector

Mohsen Nazim Company (Nazem Steak)
Seif El-Din Mubarak Karkasawy Factory – Saudi Arabia
Nefertari Company (Sparkle) (2-sided sticker machine)
Cleopatra Foods Cosmetics Company
Five Five Factories
My Way Cosmetics
Lana cosmetics company
Paradise cosmetics company
Pyramids Cosmetics Company
F group of factories. Shabrawishi
El Redy Group of Companies
Xtramix cosmetics company

Pharmaceutical sector

Haidelina Medical Factories
International Company for Integrative Industries
Al-Amria Pharmaceutical Company
Arabian Gelatin Company
Egyptian European Pharmaceutical Co
Delta Pharmaceutical Industries (Delta Pharm).

Different sectors

Procter and Gamble (International) Egypt
Lord Precision Industries Co.
Procter and Gamble (Global) Morocco
Delta for packaging for packaging
Procter and Gamble (International) Dammam
International Plastic Company – Alexandria
Pharaonic Tissue Paper
Medstar Plastic Products
Cairo Tech
Ultra group for inks and printers
Rawaj Phosphate Company
fence company
Trans Egypt Phosphate Company
Aroma Labs For Benefits

Chemical sector

International Agrochemicals
Delta Agency For Agencies – Wadi El Natroun
Kafr El-Zayat Intermediate Pesticides – Tanta
Vitura Labs International – 6th of October
Marina Agrochemicals
United for Agricultural Development
Petroleum Cooperative Society – Suez
Sheikha Lebanese Chemicals GLC
Arab Medical Supplies (ACMA)
Five B International For Supplies
Middle East Land Reclamation
Total Petroleum Oils Company – Alexandria
United for Agricultural Development
Credit for Agricultural Pests Resistance – Tanta
Egyptian For Agricultural Detergents

Food Sector

Qaha Company for Preserved Food
Al Ain Food
Arafat Company for Commercial Agencies – Palestine
The Egyptian Company for Dairy and Food Products (Duck Brothers)
Wadi Food Company for Food Processing
Monastery Mary Mina for foodstuffs – Alexandria
Hathor for Development and Juices (Fakhani)
Sima for food processing
Halawani Brothers Food Egypt
Quality Target Food Company
Muftah Bashir Zubi for drinks – Libya
Wadi Al Nahil Trading Est – Saudi Arabia
Concentrates and Juices Company P & J
Amer Company for Trade and Distribution (Crystal Vinegar)
Raw materials for the food industry
Arab Food for Food Industries
Crown of the Kings Company
The three friends of oils
Mirna Egypt for Food Industries (Abu Ali)
Daltex Foodstuff
Obour Land for Dairy
Al Soqour Company for Concentrated Drinks – Libya
Helw El Sham Company
Hili Food Industries Company
Confectionery and food factories (soy fax)
Halawani Brothers – Saudi Arabia
Enjoy Company
Ismailia National Company for Food Industries (Fedico)